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Links to other useful sites here. Feel free to add more, just be sure they're 'useful' and relevant to this sites interests.
Thank you. ^^



wikipedia article on touhou
English Touhou wiki
Touhou Image Board
ZUN's site


ZUN's older works
Lots of VGM :D
BotBBattle of the Bits, just go there... :p
Kao's Useless Brigade Touhou remixes and original music.
The 8 bit collective collection of original VGM/8bit arranges and compositions
One of the best sites I've seen on 'how music works' (theory)

Music Synthesis

analoguesque.com FM Synthisis code/math examples
Soundshock English FM Synth forum
www.shipbrook.com/jeff/sb.htmlOPL2 Register Map
sue.niko.to Various Yamaha FM chip board schematics and prototype examples

Nintendo DS Homebrews

Meraman's wiki mml/midi background music driver, tutorials, and links to other HB sites.
a128's blog Floating point library, exception handler.
devkitpro/libnds The most popular toolchain and library for NDS homebrew.
Lacey's Investimagations (its spelled that way :P)
Lira Nuna's dev blog

Linux Dev

Kernel Module Building
Device driver structure and function referece
more info on creating linux device drivers
Kernel Makefile info Callstack Trace for DS


Jails Admin


image processing

Win32 API

Most all the basics :D


Incredible set of Photoshop/Gimp brushes

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irssi scripts
eggdrop scripts