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Temperature Probe


What is this?

Here is a simple easy to make temperature probe using easy to obtain components you may already have around. ^_^ It is perfect for interfacing with microcontrollers to provide temperature measuring ability.

  • no hard to find pieces
  • cheap and small sensor too
  • circuit is simple
  • mostly self explanitory, easy for beginners

Originally submitted by User:ElAMPO on May of 2008 to provide temperature compensation to the PPM_Meter and pH_Meter projects, moved to its own page May 2009. Done quickly, needs cleanup.. u_u



For the diode probe use a piece of shrink wrap tubing for waterproofing

The results for my probe are plotted on the next graph


The precision is pretty good if you make a 2 or 3 point calibration like the one on the above graph

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