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PERL Discordian Date Script for Irssi IRC Client


Whats it do?

When u type !ddate in a channel it responds like:

<@erisia> !ddate
<@eris> Today is Pungenday, day 46 in the season of The Aftermath,3173.

Should display Discordian holy days as well! :P (tho I've never actually checked it on a holy day)


[Download latest release. Version FIVE :P]


Download ddate.txt from the link above, remove the .txt extention and copy to ur .irssi/scripts/ dir (or .irssi/scripts/autorun/ :)

wget http://blea.ch/~eris/litter/ddate.txt
mv ddate.txt ~/.irssi/scripts/

load the script (from inside of irssi):

/script load ddate.pl

and then type

/set cdwn 

in irssi to see the settings. ^^

Header Text

#This program takes no arguments. It doesn't take shit from _anyone_.
#It returns today's date in the Discordian calendar format. It also
#tells you if today is a Holyday.
#This program is written in perl to maximize the amount of chaos in
#the implementation.

Hail Eris! -><-

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