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What is this?

The touhou ds library is an ever growing collection smaller libraries originally written to handle various backend tasks in a game called thds with an emphasis on ease of use, simplicity, memory and cpu efficiency, comprehensive documentation (okais i am sorta lacking here >_>), and friendly support. ^^^ The libraries in this collection are mostly useful for creating games in the bullet hell genre.

In addition to the ones already here, these are to be added soon:

  • Background management and manipulation *comming soon* *done* ^^
  • Game text.. functions for displaying in game texts, might support variable width/scaleable fonts
  • Non-danmaku sprite lib (not multiplexed, each screen separate)

If you can think of or need anything else just ask.

Just thought i should mention that its very much a work in progress, the code is a bit ugly and there are probably a few bugs to be sorted (just see the talk page ~_~)

Where do i get it?

Latest versions can be obtained via SVN. Human readable form is here, or you may svn export (or checkout but see notes below) from svn:// .

svn export svn://

A tar.bz2 of Version 5 is here as well. Currently on >= version 40... this is really so out of date, please do not use.. I will try to upload a newer version of the archive shortly.

Examples are found in thdslib/examples. In order for them to compile the THDS enviroment variable should be set to the path containing thdslib. Something like:

export THDS="/home/isabella/thdslib"

It is not necessary to compile thdslib itself as all necessary .a files are provided precompiled in ./lib/ directory. If changes are made to thdslib's sources, the following procedure can be used to recompile it:

cd source
make clean
make install

If 'svn checkout' was used to obtain sources: when compiling the examples you may want to remove the .svn directory from the MyNitroFs/ directory prior to compilation due to SVN putting a directory named ".svn" in every directory that would otherwise be included in the resulting .nds binaries. Ex:

mv MyNitroFs/.svn stupidsvnfolder


devkitARM and libnds are required to compile and use thdslib. It has been tested with devkitARM r23b, however libnds has gone through many changes. thdslib will compile with libnds-20070127 however the examples will not due to some missing functions. For this reason am providing the following archive with devkitARM r23b and a slightly modified libnds that can be used to compile thdslib and the examples.

Due to complaints I have removed my links to the sources. ~ will provide another solution shortly.

Windows users may replace the devkitARM directory with the one provided by the windows installer. OSX, cygwin users may use their respective devkitARM distributions.


If you have any questions you may leave them on the talk page, alternately #touhoudevs @

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